Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are the beautiful roses that my Valentine of 48 years, surprised me with for Valentine's Day. They smell good, too.

We are getting ready for our Utah trip to see friends & family. I can't wait to see my new great-grandson, Stryker, and my new grand-nephew, Gamble. Names are quite different, huh? Oh well--the new generation. I am also excited to see my sweet grandson, Christian, and my three youngest kids (who aren't really kids, but I still think of them that way). But most of all, I can't wait to be "home" for a while. I miss my beautiful Wasatch Mountains, and my familiar stomping grounds. I kind of have a little problem, though. I don't have any winter clothes! That sucks, huh. I hope I don't freeze my buns off! I do have a tartan plaid wool poncho that Toni brought me from Scotland, so I guess that will keep me warm enough---I don't think I will be doing any hiking or skiing---so not to worry. I didn't do any of that while I lived there. We all know that!

I will, of course, be buying fabric from all the wonderful fabric shops that are in Salt Lake City. I'm hoping Elizabeth and I will be able to go "junking" a little while I'm there. Fun time!


Lynn said...

Linda, I know why I love you so much, your blogs are priceless. No one could say things better than you do. You should be a novelist, I swear.

Love ya,


Toni said...

Have Liz take you to that yarn/fabric place near her home that she and I went to. I think you would like.

Stacey Dean said...

I love your flowers! So sweet of Daddy O'! And they look really good next to my little collage!