Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here it is...yay. "The Purse" is finally finished. I wish I had known what a really hard fabric burlap is to work with before I got the bright idea to make purses from it. Well, maybe it's better that I didn't know. I might never have tried it. It frays like a big dog and I had the Devil's own time turning the straps inside doesn't slide very well. Anyway, I'm glad I finally got done with it. I learned a lot and next time it won't be as hard..I hope. I'm thankful I had Sergio (my serger) to cut and bind the seams...even though I should have worn a painters mask because of the dust that flew everywhere. Never wear a black T-shirt when working with burlap. I may have to toss that shirt..or always use it when sewing with burlap. I do think the result was worth it, though. I'm ready to tackle another one! I have some other ideas, too. They involve painter's drop I'm not'll have to wait and see. Till nice and play well with the other children.